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Actions Continue in Support of Tenants, against Gentrification and Privatization

The ZSP continues to act in the Tenants Defense Committee (and Tenants Action in Wroclaw) against the attacks on the the ill, retired and unemployed and the low-earning working class who live in public housing, carried out by those who want to commercialize housing, privatize it and gentrify neighbourhoods.

The last few months saw and increase in activity has corruption scandals rocked the country. The Committee has been exposing the criminal actions of a privatization mafia which involves public officials, lawyers, real estate speculators, prosecutors and judges for years. However, politicians denied these facts and for years tried to portray this all as the rantings of radicals. However, the media finally published irrefutable proof supporting our claims and the privatization mafia has become well-established in the public record (despite the fact that many of those involved have slipped through the cracks and have managed to keep their positions).

In light of this, some issues have been spotlighted and some politicians have made gestures to appear to help tenants. At the end of October, when 4 evictions were blockaded in 2 days, every political option were rushing to show that they are pro-social and against evictions. At the same time when the politicians organize this medial show on their part, they are trying to introduce new policies which will throw even more people out of public housing.

Members of the union and the tenants organization are fighting against new measures to limit tenants' rights, disguised as solutions and against continued abuses on the part of the cities, landlords and gentifiers. A radicalization of methods is necessary and an increase in direct action, especially during the winter, when the slumlords try to freeze people out of their homes. At the same time, after years of struggle, some issues are finally being dealt with, although it is still not enough.