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Amazon Screws Workers. ZSP Starts Organizing, Targets Amazon and Manpower

Amazon workers are on strike in Germany because of the lousy work conditions. The corporation decided that Poland would be a better place to find desperate workers, willing to slave for a quarter of the pay in Germany. However workers are already quitting due not only to the tough conditions but problems with payment. Workers are organizing with ZSP to get their salaries. A group of workers from Sady are the first demanding their payments.

Reports from Sady and Bielany Wroclawskie show that many workers have had problems with their payments – late payments, incorrect payment, lack of social security payments, etc. etc. In addition, some workers are not getting all the overtime they are entitled to and the company is using a three-month accounting period to calculate this. This means that somebody might work 200 hours one month but never see an overtime payment.

Many of the staff were hired through Manpower agency and, according to the act on remporary employment agencies, they are responsible for the timely payment of the workers, even if Amazon doesn't pay. Since the workers in question have contracts through the Manpower office in Warsaw, ZSP will be visiting and demanding payments. Visits to Amazon are also planned in the future. In the meanwhile, we are spreading the news about the problems at Amazon and Manpower and calling on people to support the workers!