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The CNT Presents a Counter-Report on the Visteon Redundancy Plan

• The document presented by the company is inconsistent and not objective.
• The CNT union in Visteon feels excluded from the negotiations of the information.

On Monday, October 10, the CNT union at Visteon filed a counter-report on the Redundancy Plan (ERE) presented by Visteon for reasons of production to the Cadiz provincial delegation of the Andalusian Employment Department.

The ERE is a document full of repetition and inaccuracies, which neither details the parameters used or the economic and statistical methodology for the future prognoses that the company makes. Moreover, in different parts of the documents it claims the reductions are necessary for reasons other than production, but also for economic reasons without giving any justification.

The inconsistency of these economic and sales forecasts and sales as well as the limited data on the accounting of costs at the firm make it impossible to contextualize the alleged causes of production and, of course, the economics of the factory in the el Puerto de Santa Maria. Nor does it detail its commercial strategy with the companies from the Visteon group, which is essential for understanding the financial movements that could justify losses, organizational changes, dismissals, etc.. We understand that it is very easy to declare losses with virtually no profit margins by selling their products to business customers which are the same companies in the group.

It is a plan, in short, that never fulfills the purpose for which it has supposedly been created. On the contrary, it clearly shows that this union already knew: that the company making the Technical Report has prepared a document on management's orders that is not objective and that only is to justify a decision already made in advance by the multinational.

Neither can it be understood why VISTEON-Cádiz Electronica, which has not made any investments in Research and Development in recent years to adapt the PCM modules to market demand, has received millions of euros from public funds for research, if it has not improved processes and key products for the viability of the factory.

The CNT believes that instead of making 394 workers unemployed, it would be more effective to reduce the labor costs of all the Visteon Group executives, some very concrete figures, also not specified in the ERE.

The CNT protests that our union in the company is not being properly informed of the content of negotiations and agreements with other unions at the company. This discrimination is in breach of the right to information and protection of union representation and by extension is against workers affiliated to the CNT in the company.

With this counter-report that we have presented our purpose is very clear : to topple the ERE presented by the multinational and require the company to comply with the law, returning work to the Cadiz Electronica factory.