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The CNT Will Present Allegations against Visteon's Redundancy Plan and Encourage the Workers to Continue Mobilizations

The CNT union's legal team is reviewing the application to approve the closure of Visteon-Cadiz Electronica. The objective of the union is to file a counter-report with the labor authorities so they do not approve the redundancy plan. We put this task in the hands of lawyers and economists although you do not have to be an expert to see the fraud being committed by Visteon. The reports from the Provincial Labour Inspectorate made it clear that the company has caused losses by not delivering components. The production was deliberately decreased. Therefore the Employment Officer should not authorize the redundancy plan and Visteon should be taken to court for the crime it has committed. Because as we say these days, this is a clear case of corporate terrorism.

On the other hand, the CNT is seeing an increased level of mobilization and self-organization of the workers. The path taken these days is the one we should follow. Now is the time when the citizens and politicians should show real solidarity. It could be that our mobilizations may cause some inconvenience to our citizens, but the radical nature of the situation in which we find ourselves leave us no choice. Thanks to our mobilization they are investigating if another firm can take over the workforce and acquire the assets of Visteon. In this regard CNT wants to leave a clear message: we will not accept that a company with high risk capital acquires the plant. If we move to a company with these characteristics in less than a year we will be on the street and this time there will be objective causes. Regarding the 56 contracted workers (cleaning, security and dining room) the CNT also wants to be unequivocal: do not accept that a single one of these workers wind up in the street.

The problem with Visteon is a problem for Cadiz. Let's be in solidarity with the workers.