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Conflict with Tumiraj Preschool and Educational Center

ZSP Warsaw has opened a conflict with a preschool and educational center that has not paid a few workers. 3 workers are involved, including the school psychologist and speech therapist. They have been waiting for months for their salaries, plus payment for unused vacation time. They also had problems that they could not get any social benefits because the boss did not send the required form into the Social Security Office and they received an incorrect work certificate, which is a document they need for further employment.

At the end of July, the IWE Foundation, which ran the school, took the decision to wind up their activity. The boss and the chair of the Foundation had set up a commercial enterprise in March. They obviously had no intention of closing the school and it is still functioning regularly. Although the same people run the school as before, by using another name, they can pretend that IWE does not have any obligation towards its former employees. Despite the fact that IWE is in liquidation, 2 weeks ago there were job advertisements – for a psychologist and a speech therapist, posted under the name IWE.

The women had contacted the State Labor Inspectorate about the case, but they were told that nothing could be done, because their employer is in liquidation. This is despite the obvious fact that the employers just changed the name and legal form under which they operate.

No doubt they feel untouchable, using the legal loopholes that the state sanctions to help unscrupulous employers commit wage theft. However, we will show them that they are not, that such actions should never be tolerated.

ZSP will protest at the School. Last week we also visited the State Labor Inspectorate, among other reasons, about this situation. We pointed out how yet again, the state provides the legal means to encourage wage theft and that its inspectorates are often useless. The best tool for workers is organization, mutual aid and direct action.