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Dino Supermarket looks for Scapegoats, Makes Show Dismissals
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In the past several weeks, Dino supermarkets have been undergoing not only protests, but also controls from the Labour Inspectorate. They have found dozens of violations of workers' rights in the supermarket. In response to this, some of the workers made „resposible” by the supermarket chain have been fired.

What is clear is that supervisors and middle-level managers are usually not the ones who decide policies and are usually just „following orders” from higher-ups. They are not the ones who decide to make people work overtime and not to pay, etc. etc.

People are different. Some supervisors act very willingly as the henchwomen of the company, conducting themselves like prison guards. Others do what they are told, completely in fear of losing their jobs. It may be hard or even impossible to defend their actions. But we find it reprehensible that after Dino was caught, the upper management tried to put all the blame on these pawns.

Just another reason to think twice about doing Dino's dirty work and screwing your fellow workers. You might be loyal to the bosses, but the bosses are never loyal to you!