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Fighting for Jobs against Outsourcing Abuse!

At the end of April, a group of cleaners and kitchen workers from a Belchatow hospital lost their jobs through the callous actions of their employers. Like many workers in public hospitals, their jobs were outsourced, making their work much more precarious. When their company stopped the contract with the hospital and a new company took over, only a few workers were transferred. Around 60 women are left without any work, which their original employer claiming not to be responsible anymore and the new service provider of the hospital claiming they were not obliged to hire them.

Since that time, the women have been fighting for their jobs. Unfortunately, they saw no action from the mainstream unions in the hospital, so we will be supporting, doing some actions together, etc. We decided that we will put the pressure on both firms and the public authorities in general, for the politics of outsourcing.

Protests will take place the next two days in front of the hospital, as well as meetings to discuss further actions.