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The Government Makes the Crisis Worse: Protest at the Parliament

The Coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected tens of millions of workers around the world. Many had to bear the brunt of a crisis, with little relief from the government. In Poland, billions are being spent – but help is not always going where it should be and millions of the most vulnerable are left with nothing. This is because government relief has focused on aid to businesses, not directly to workers. Millions of unemployed and workers on casual contracts have been left out in the cold. In addition, despite promising generous susidies to businesses that maintain employment, the government is now dismantling many important aspects of the labor law, allowing bosses to cut salaries, change working conditions, force overtime and giving more control over vacations. It has even proposed allowing the suspension of work contracts, without severance pay.

At the same time, prices are up and even public housing tenants have received rent hikes. Aid to tenants is proposed, but will not include anybody who is actually behind on the rent, as debtors are excluded.

In response to all the brainless and insensitive acts and raid on public funds (including workers' social funds) to pump up businesses – even those which had huge profits year after year – ZSP called for a demonstration at the Parliament, as soon as the quarantine ends. Well, the quarantine is not exactly over as people may shop in malls but the state refuses to mention when people can hold protests again. This is a deliberate method, not to control the spread of any disease, but to keep the public pacified, especially before elections. Recent demonstrations have been met with tear gas and LRAD. In light of this, we insist on our right to hold „revolutionary gymnastics” in the public space which is ours. May 29 we will voice our discontent and repeat our demands, which as we see, have large support from the public.

We refuse to take any step backwards. Hands off workers' rights! There is no better time to organize!