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How Amazon Screws Workers .... another story

Workers from Amazon can tell many stories about difficulties they have resolving any problems with the company. Many of them work for agencies. If they manage to contact people with their problems, they are told that the agency has to ask Amazon, please wait...... and the waiting goes on and on. In some cases, this can be very costly for the workers.

As Amazon does not pay too much, some of their employees... oh sorry, I mean people who work in their centers... are eligible for different types of social aid or low-cost public housing. Only to apply, or to stay in public housing, from time to time one has to provide proof of their income. What they need is something signed and stamped by their employer.

In the past, and in many companies today, this means going to the payroll department with the form and picking up the completed document later in the day. Of course this becomes more difficult if there is nobody to talk to on site or if the payroll department is located in another country.

In more normal circumstances, somebody from the company would take care of this paperwork. Not in Amazon. Dozens of workers have been complaining about waiting weeks and even MONTHS to get some papers signed. Former employees also have trouble getting a work certificate, which is needed to show the next employer.

As we tried to help, we found out that such paperwork requests can go through 3 offices in Warsaw before they are sent to Bratislava. Workers have been frantically calling different offices to expedite their papers, to no effect. We know of one person waiting for over 2 months to get a paper which would entitle her to a housing allowance.

Yes, Amazon will eventually send it. But we doubt that the workers in Bratislava, to whom we will address a letter, can understand that the paper has to be CURRENT. So, in somebody wanted to apply in December, and asked for a history of salary in October and November, which would have been the last dates needed for a December application, if that person applies in March because of the negligence of Amazon, the information will have to include December, January and February. It's bad enough that this person can lose a few months of their allowance, but by time they receive the paper, it can be outdated and the whole process of asking for a new paper will start again.

Amazon screws workers - consumers should screw Amazon.