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International week against Ryanair practices in Slovakia

Priama akcia – IWA Slovakia joined the International week against Ryanair practices in several ways. We published an article about the company scam on our website together with an appeal to send complaints and other possibilities how to express discontent with Ryanair practices – sending faxes, calling Ryanair and spreading the information as much as possible. We have also found several negative experiences of Slovak Ryanair workers on the Internet.

E-mail complaints and a fax

Part of the article about the whole issue – which we published on 9th March – was a model e-mail anyone could send via official Ryanair complaints form. So far, we have only received an automated reply saying that the complaint has been forwarded to their HR department. As Priama akcia, we also sent a protest fax on Thursday 15th March.

A call to Ryanair HQ

On Friday, we tried calling the headquarters, but only reached the reception. We said we are spreading information in support of the campaign in Slovakia. However, the receptionist refused to take any message to the management saying it is not her duty.

Leafleting at the airport

On Saturday, Priama akcia members and supporters went to M. R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava and distributed flyers in Slovak and English to people at the airport (PDF). It was a nice coincidence that both the arrival and the departure flights were from/to Liverpool. These were the last flights of the day and we distributed around 150 flyers and around 50 were put behind windscreen-wipers of the cars at the nearby parking lot. In the end, we wanted to reach Ryanair staff at the airport and present a protest letter for the management but found no one (the check-ins were closed and there is no Ryanair customer service or similar at the airport).

Our solidarity goes to the Ryanair workers and Ryanair Don’t Care Campaign organizers and supporters.

Priama akcia-Bratislava
Slovak section of International Workers’ Association (IWA-AIT