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Janusz Granos Bookshop Cheats Workers, Illegal Working Conditions

Janusz Granos Book Firm runs several shops in Warsaw and an online internet sale of books. Unfortunately it is cheating workers. First, they are not always given their contracts before they start and then when they get them, the conditions are changed and the contract is constructed in a wrong way. Evidence of working time is not kept and workers were not given proper pay slips showing the hours worker, evidence that insurance was paid or not, etc. A couple of workers were cheated so they called for a boycott of the firm. On December 9, a protest was held in front of the main shop in Warsaw. Two workers presented their demands, stating how much money they were owed: 2800 and 1050 zloties. After the protest, the boss paid 700 zloties to one worker, which is not near the amount owed. The ZSP will continue the protests after the national quarantine ends in the second half of January, when shops can open again.