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JMP paid up

A few months ago, a conflict started against the firm „Mumciuch”, part of the JMP group. Mumciuch is an internet shop which sells maternity and children's clothes and uses pregnant women and children as models. Unfortunately, they did not pay some of them for their work. Several people contacted the union to take action.

Mumciuch is part of the JMP group, which is headquartered in a small town south of Krakow. JMP has two main lines of business: maternity clothes (with an internet shop and its own brand of clothes) and training seminars, including help in obtaining European Union funds. It also runs a foundation. The owner of the group has promoted herself as an example of female entrepeneurship. The Mumciuch shop page also had some nice words about the „social responsibility” of the firm! Unfortunately, they were not so responsible for the pregnant women who worked for them. The situation concerned more than a dozen people.

Unfortunately, some of those involved decided to take the long way – by going to court. We say the long way because one of the models took direct action and already received her money a while ago. We wish good luck to the others. In the meanwhile, we hope that nobody else will be deceived by this company.