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Mediation in the hospital in Bielsko-Biała was a fiasco

Mediacje w bielskim szpitalu psychiatrycznym zakończone fiaskiem

The situation of workers in the SPZOZ Hospital in Bielsko-Biała has been difficult for years. Over the past year, the hospital has gone on strike and given new demands to the hospital. The Ministry of Health was involved with mediation in June 2016.. 13 of the 21 demands of the workers were fulfilled, but still not the demands for a wage increase which is crucial.

Since the mediation did not fulfill all the demands of the workers, a protocal was signed, a so-called "protocol of differences", after which a strike can follow.

The workers consider that the hospital is in a financial condition which would allow them to give raises. They also point out that some other health care workers received raises after negotiations with the Minister of Health - for example, many categories of nurses. However, it seems like the hospital is concentrating on plans to modernize and improve the infrastructure but has not planned any raises.

The workers are planning a warning strike this month.