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PoloMarket Can't Intimidate Us: Repression of Former Employee doesn't get too Far
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On April 19, Rafal appeared at the Regional Court in Bydgoszcz to defend himself against a „criminal” case brought against him by Polomarket. The supermarket chain is trying to make complaints about their practices in relation to workers go away by attempting to intimidate those who speak out. Rafal actually faces a prison sentence for exposing practices such as not giving breaks to workers, forcing them to work overtime or forcing them to transport goods in their own cars after hours – despite the fact that many of these practices have been either documented or confirmed by the Labor Inspectorate.

Thanks to solidarity shown with Rafal, we were able to provide good legal defense for him. As it turned out, the defense was so good that the lawyers for Polomarket were not prepared and asked the case to be postponed. The Court gave them a few weeks. In the meanwhile, the market, which has not settled claims made to them by the union, tries to find more „evidence” against Rafal by stalking methods, sending two spies out to film protests, harrassing and trying to intimidate anybody who speaks out.

In response, ZSP will step up the protests at the chain.

Enough Repression!
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