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Promoting libertarian ideas all weekend long

The ZSP Wroclaw co-organized a series of events during the May Day weekend. Different talks were organized during the two days before May Day and members of our organization presented different topics and took part in panels. Among the topics were Anarchosyndicalism and social democracy, Power, Ideology and Structure and a panel. An open meeting with ZSP also took place on May Day, after the demonstration.

In the situation where a certain part of the former anarchist movement went into social democracy and the promotion of electoral politics, these situations where discussed in both the discussion on social democracy and on Power and Ideology. The union, which is sometimes called „orthodox” by those who would like to disparage anarchist ideas, sees the method of achieving change in creating social movements which can confront the institutions of power instead of engaging in attempts to reform them.

There was also some discussion about creating horizontal structures in organizations and where things could go wrong. Parts of the libertarian movement reject formal organization, sometimes citing problems with hierarchies as the reason. It was shown how this may be avoided and also how, regardless of being formal or informal, problems can happen if people are not aware of how to organize and how to counter problems and deal with issues.

Another panel discussed some interesting struggles and our union has been able to bring ideas to a wider audience and inspire new struggles amongst people who are not from any political scene. This is not through any type of vanguard actions but rather through support of struggles from below, where the protagonists are workers who self-organize outside of the mainstream unionist practice. Through cooperation and supporting workers' self-enpowerment, the ideas behind our philosophy have spread to new people and the movement is enriched.

Finally, the open meeting of ZSP described how we work and what kind of actions are carried out by the union.

These talks were only part of a whole weekend of events and were dispersed among talks on a number of other topics, ranging from libertarian education to anti-repression campaigns. We thank all the comrades who participated for the engaging discussion and some really great comments.