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Protest against Uber

On March 8, taxi drivers protested at the Ministry of Infrastucture against the lax regulations regarding Uber, in comparison with licensed cabs. A comrade from ZSP spoke with the drivers, who understood that Uber drivers also face bad working conditions and spoke of how drivers in Uber organized and how mass protests have worked to drive that company out of some countries or to push the government to introduce regulations. She also pointed out that the Ministry was currently very problematic, how postal workers were being repressed and how the Ministry introduced anti-social amendments to the Act on the Protection of Tenants Rights. Some of the workers will be effected but didn't know about these changes.

The drivers are asking the government to impose restrictions on Uber.

They also pointed out that many immigrants are being cheated by Uber. Unfortunately, a few people tried to turn this into anti-immigrant sentiment, but when people quickly reminded people that they are victims, this sentiment disappeared.