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Protest at Citibank Headquarters against Mobbing, Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment
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On Oct. 15, ZSP organized a picket in front of Citibank headquarters in Warsaw in relation to charges of mobbing, discrimination and sexual harrassment. Three workers have brought legal action against the bank, but some workers claim this is just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the workers took a paternity leave. When a parent is on maternity or paternity leave, they are supposed to be able to come back to their jobs, but they hired someone in his place and he was given some other work. He complained about it but the bank did not rectify the situation. They tried to give him money not to bring a suit against the company but since he did not want to agree, the company fired him.

A second worker faced salary discrimination, earning half of what some other people in his position did.

A third worker faced mobbing and sexual harrassment.

ZSP has written some articles and contacted the media regarding these cases. Both the TV and radio news have become interested. The protest took place the day before the first two cases go to court.

ZSP stands firmly against all forms of mobbing, discrimination and harrassment in the workplace. We demand that the company take responsibility for what is going on and take measures against sexual predators in the workplace. We also point out that although Polish law introduced paternity leave a few years ago, many men have complained of discrimination and job loss if they actually take it. We support the right of all workers to take parental leave without the fear of losing their job.

Since we published articles on the situation, we have got signals that the problem is more widespread than this in the bank. If the bank does not immediately rectify the situation and compensate the aggrieved workers, they will see us in front of their doorsteps again in the future.