Pracujesz na umowie śmieciowej? Możemy pomóc!

Solidarity with Postal Workers! Down with the bosses!
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The management of the Polish Post Office is again trying to intimidate workers who have spoken out against the poor working conditions that they suffer.

Postal Workers from around Poland are planning pickets next week, to recall their postulates, which include a decent raise and improved working conditions. Again the Post Office management has responded by threatening to fire workers who talk about their working conditions publically, on the internet.

On December 1, the Post Office published a text which states:

„In relation to the increased activity of some anti-Post Office people on the internet recently, we remind you that all of our internet activity is monitored. The internet is not a space where we can feel beyond the law and hide behind the mask of an anonymous user.

People who disclose information about their professional activity or work relations, or who describe projects they are taking part in or who comment on decisions taken by their supervisors, rarely are conscious of their very negative activity. Every post against the employer and its good name is in essence a violation of the work agreement.

Losing trust in a worker is a reason to immediately dismiss a worker with justified cause, … The Supreme Court has also confirmed many times that such situations can be grounds for dismissal. In addition, if the employer loses an important contract or client because of what workers are writing on the internet, the worker will also be responsible for compensation.”

We express our absolute disgust with the actions of the Post Office management, which seeks to repress worker organization outside the yellow unions through such threats against their employees.

The attempts to repress workers has included a couple of dismissals of workers after protests earlier this year and a ridiculous attempt to bring a serious criminal case against a member of our union.

We also criticize the decisions of the Post Office in relation to the workers. A tiny raise was given to some workers while others received nothing. On the other hand, the management decided to reward itself and supervisors – those in the Post Office who already earn the most money.

Finally, we point out that many of the decisions of the management are aimed at making fast money but actually negatively affect both workers and clients. An example of this is how the Post Office signed a deal with one Chinese internet shop, guaranteeing them one-day delivery. This means that postal workers need to prioritize their packages. The packages containing Christmas presents sent by
regular customers are likely to be delayed as the already overworked workers struggle to meet the obligations the bosses have so conveniently agreed to, without taking into account the real possibilities of the workers to do this.

To all the Postal Workers, we wish you strength in light of the awful treatment you suffer and much resolve for more decisive action in the New Year!