Pracujesz na umowie śmieciowej? Możemy pomóc!

Strike! We've had enough!

Workers at the Special Psychiatric Health Care Center in Bielsko-Biala are forced to go on strike due to the worsening of their finanical situation. We have enough of the Director and the politicians saying their is no money. We have enough of the terrible staffing policy which leads to an overgrown administration. We have enough pretending that the hospital is doing well!

The motor of this protest is the Union of Psychiatric and Rehab Workers, called on the initiatve of ZSP Health Care Workers.

The strikers will not worker for 2 hours (between 9.00 and 11.00) on May 12. Then, from 11-13 there will be a protest.

Besides the discontent about the low salaries, we have to mention the tragic working conditions, especially in the all-night ward. The rooms are overcrowded, their is a lack of basic medical equipment, not enough staff, a building in bad condition and no money for therapy for the patients. These are only a few of the questions which need to be immediately addressed by the people responsible for public health services in our region. Unfortunately we have the feeling that the Director and the politicians are mainly concerned with giving high-level jobs to their friends.

Currently the salaries of cleaners are minimum wage. Other workers are in a similar position. The Director is trying to give more work to people without any raise. We have enough of him saying there is not enough money. We fell that the money is going somewhere and the people responsible and not doing anything to fix the situation.

Union of Psychiatric and Rehab Workers
ZSP Health Care Workers Union