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Third Action Against Impuls

On August 2, another action was held at Impuls, which against did not pay any of its employees, who are waiting to know when they'll get their salary. This time one of the bosses came, who hit our comrade who was speaking on the megaphone in the face and then called the police and claimed that the comrade hit him. The shameless guy was shouting that we are „lying” about his company. Several people passing by below had friends or relatives who had worked there and were there cursing this guy. One woman, whose son is a former employee, came to confront the boss. Her son got paid after 4 months and, as she says, only because they kept coming and making a fuss, threatening to sue them. The boss kept insisting that everybody is a „liar” because the son got paid (4 months late).

These actions are pissing them off. But ZSP and the few workers taking action need to escalate since obviously these people have no morals and there is no shortage of desperate people to hire who will work some time before quitting, without organizing themselves. And without organization and direct action, workers are really fucked in the country, full of thieving bosses and inadequate protection for employees.