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Victory for worker against Schaffa Shoes

On December 10, ZSP organized another picket at a Schaffa Shoes shop in Warsaw to protest against their practices towards workers – namely, unjustified dismissals, late payments, lack of payments and generally poor treatment. A similar picket was held earlier in the year at another shop, where another worker had similar problems and, although that situation was finally resolved, it seems that these practices persist.

A couple of ex-employees took part in the protest to support their colleague who was having problems with the firm. We were able to see the boss (and his father, who also plays a role in the business) in action. Prior to the action, the boss took a selfie of himself at the police station to send to the worker, to suggest that there would be a police intervention. This was understood as some sort of attempt to scare her, which obviously did not work. However, part of the money owed was paid just before the action (the main salary, but not the equivalent for vacation days).

The boss showed up with his father and we could witness his arsenal of tactics: denouncing protestors to the police, screaming to workers that they are thieves, trying to break the megaphone and hitting a comrade in the face, making threats and accusations. They tried to convince the workers that they couldn't make a picket (ha ha) and just led to the escalation of the conflict.

The protestors demanded that the unpaid vacation time be paid, that the work certificate be changed and that Schaffa change its approach towards workers. Quite a number of people have complained about similar situations. The day after the picket, the vacation time was also paid.

However, it seems that they still haven't understand the idea of respecting workers. On the morning of the 12th, one of the ex-workers found some threats written on her door, which were in the exact same words as what the boss was saying during the protest. Some coincidence.

ZSP will keep an eye on this chain, as it is already quite clear what kind of people we are dealing with. Hopefully the remaining employees will be able to take action to defend themselves against any similar situations.