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ZSP Sees Victory for Proper Working Conditions at Vegan Restaurant

At the end of March 2016, ZSP Wroclaw started actions at a vegan restaurant in that city. Workers alarmed that there were numerous violations of workers rights: working with no contracts, working on falsified contracts, unpaid overtime, lack of Social Security payments and numerous health and safety violations.

The union approached the owner of the restaurant, who was known as a member of the "alternative scene" about these problems, but he instead acted very arrogantly and agressively. So the union started to publicize these problems and picket the restaurant. The owner harrassed the protestors, taking films of them, etc. A list of problems and demands were published.

The campaign lasted over one month, causing a lot of discussion amongst clients. Then in June, the Labour lnspectorate checked the conditions there and confirmed all of the accusations made by workers and former workers. They issued various orders and recommendations to the owner concerning hiring people on legal contracts, keeping records of working hours, paying Social Security and fixing the health and safety conditions. With these findings, any present or former workers can demand everything owed to them and the establishment of a labour relationship.

The ZSP had given the boss ample opportunity to pay up and rectify the situation. However, he is one of a long line of "left" [sic] capitalists who think that their workers don't have any rights and who exploit people, especially from the "alternative scene" by acting as if giving people a job is a personal favor.

The consequences for this boss can be dire as he is now facing various penalties from the state and numerous lawsuits. Surely this will wind up being more costly than settling with the workers.

The comrades of ZSP in the meanwhile have again drawn attention to the problems which are pervasive in that branch. They have shown that by taking action, the conditions in a workplace can be changed and people do not have to accept this exploitation.