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Comrades from ZSP Wroclaw and the authors of the Paris Commune Blog have launched a new web portal called Self-Governing Wroclaw. The purpose of the service is to provide a place for news and ideas about grassroots activism and self-management. It is a place to present the point of view of people who are often excluded from the mainstream media.

The service started just a few days ago. It is open but with moderation. Some of the articles include information about the free transportation campaign, about protests of patients against the closure of a hospital, about police abuse, the city raising costs of day care and borrowing money to build a football stadium and other news of local interest.


In Wroclaw took place another information action as part of campaign for free public transportation ( The action was organized by Wroclaw group of ZSP along with other people who go into campign.

There were the flyers given out and collected the signatures for making referendum about free transport. Many passengers supported this action and signed petition supporting referendum.

More people joined campaign. There is profile on Nasza Klasa (it's Polish version Facebook). Already more than 200 people are on it after just two weeks.

ZSP says that people are tired of bad ideas of politicians to spend money like 20 millions zloty for fountain when transport doesn't work, houses falling apart, etc.


Thursday session of city council Wroclaw was obect of attack by members of Initiative for public transport. (NieKasuj - don't pay ticket)

Activists want to draw attention to this question. They went onto the room of city council but they were kicked out and told that no politician support this idea. But they received the statement with the arguments for free public transport. Then activists went away from politicians to main square in Wroclaw to give leaflets and information about campaign to people. Many people support.

Campaign was started by Wroclaw ZSP. Also some other people support this campaign. Page of campaign is www.niekasuj,pl.


The Wroclaw section of ZSP, which has started a campaign for free and good public transportation, would like to hold a city-wide referendum on the subject. The mainstream press wrote about this and there is an internet poll. So far, the public is supporting this idea.

What's more is that there has been some support of this idea from unexpected places. A specialist in the newspaper explained how the idea is realistic ... but "of course" is not in favour of the transport strike.

Warsaw ZSP will also be promoting the idea of collectivization of public transport this weekend. during Warsaw Public Transport Days events which proceed the "Day Without Cars".


Sept. 16 was the official start of the campaign for free and good public transport initiated by the local section of ZSP. Hundreds of leaflets were given out and signatures were collected on a petition. Many people, including transport workers, stopped to discuss and debate the ideas.

Among the postulates of the campaign are also improved conditions for transport workers.

ZSP plans to repeat this action in different neighbourgoods.

ZSP is also calling for a passenger strike beginning on Oct. 26. ZSP will be trying to organize some passenger mutual aid groups (like used in Sweden) in case of problems with controllers.

More information on the campaign can be found, in Polish here:

Website of Wroclaw ZSP:


ZSP has started a campaign in Warsaw among workers at JWC Construction.

After meetings with Chinese workers at JWC, we were able to get contact and are trying to monitor the situation and help people be aware of their rights and to fight for them. We would like to encourage, as much as possible, workers' self-organization at the sites.

Part of the campaign is also aimed at public awareness about working conditions on their building sites. The campaign page is under construction.


Send a protest letter today! ZSP runs a solidarity website for the 6 anarchists arrest in Belgrade. The address of the site is:


On Sept. 7 and 11, members of ZSP, Anarchist Solidarity and non-alligned supporters picketed at the Serbian Embassy in Warsaw. On the 7 a protest was delivered into the Embassy but the next time, there was already a police van waiting and nobody was willing to say anything to us. Instead we made a few speeches condemning the arrests and state repression.

Solidarity action are continuing around the world to protest these outrageous arrests.


Today the police stepped up their attacks on the workers occupying the Ssangyong factory in Korea. The workers fought back with Molotov cocktails and metal objects from the factory.

We denounce the methods of the state in protecting the interests of capital.

Today there were two pickets in Warsaw in support of the workers' struggle: at the Korean Embassy and a Ssangyong dealership. ZSP sends a message of solidarity to the workers who are continuing their struggle despite brutal repression and supports the call of Priama Akcia to send protest letters and make solidarity actions in this case. Time is of the essence. It looks as if there may only be a very short time left in this struggle, but the class war continues.


ZSP organized a picket at the JW Construction sales office at the Gorczewska Park housing estate. Chinese workers who were not paid and wound up camping in front of the Chinese embassy worked on this, as well as other housing estates built by JW Construction.

Members of several pro-worker groups joined in the picket.

During the picket, several times cars with potential customers drove up but then turned away.

The protestors pointed out that JW has recorded very high profits despite the recession. Since the company has gone public two years ago, it has been using almost exclusively foreign labour hired through employment agencies. Since technically they are not the employers of the workers, they try to avoid responsibility for what goes on at their construction sites: people not getting paid, lack of proper safety equipment, people working without insurance, people working without the proper safety training, people working overtime and without proper breaks, people working without proper food or drink. But we were there to remind them that they are responsible and to ask potential home buyers if they want to live in a former work camp.

ZSP activists promised to return to different sales offices and continue to put pressure on JW.

More on the situation of the Chinese workers can be found here:

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