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Solidarity with the Capgemini Workers!
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The IT Workers Union of ZSP supports the strike of the Capgemini workers to be held tomorrow, May 17. The main reason for the strike is the company's plans to fire 370 workers Responding to a call from the Communications and IT Workers of the CNT-AIT Madrid, we will be distributing leaflets and publishing information about the struggle.

We note that the company also tried to dismiss workers in Spain last December, but were also met by a strike. Such action has been successful in forcing the bosses to withdraw their plans. But the bosses keep trying, so the workers will have to keep up the pressure.

Attached is an English version of the leaflet.

Why Do We Speak About Poland in a Leaflet about a Spanish Struggle?

One reason is that Poland is one of the places that jobs from Spain and other countries get sent to, in order to pay workers less. It is very important then that workers connect the dots internationally and connect themselves.

In many of the cheap labor countries like Poland, workers are suffering from some sort of perverse Stockholm syndrome. They are terribly exploited and underpaid, especially compared to their counterparts in other countries in Europe. In Capgemini, we can say they are really underpaid even for the Polish market. Despite this, many are brainwashed by those who run the system to believe that in this country, you can expect no better. We are told we are so poor that we had better take any job and that the only way anybody would put jobs here is if we work cheaper than the others. We are expected to thank our masters for the privelege of slaving for them, for very little money and rarely with any job security. In such a mindset and encouraged by the proponents of severe economics who run the government and the media, workers sometimes react to news about strikes in other countries by thinking that those people have such good jobs (compared to them), that they cannot understand. Unfortunately, one can meet this divisive mentality in many low-cost countries like Poland. So in cases like this, we also write about our situation here, to show that it is pretty much the same thing and to help people understand what people are struggling for. We also would like to make people in the industry, both here and abroad, think more about the interconnectivity of their fates and about the need for international coordination.

Delete the bosses, not the workers!

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