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* The Confederation believes that the demonstration against the labor reforms of the People's Party should be only the first step of a widespread social response which would lead to the calling of a general strike.

* There is nothing to negotiate and the only option to defend ourselves against the Labor Reform of PP is its removal.

Since February 10 there have been constant protests against labor reform in different cities. Protests will continue in the coming days, and hundreds of thousands of workers have taken to the streets, especially over the last weekend.If the CCOO and UGT raised this mobilization as a question about the will to fight of the working class or as a thermometer to assess the call for a general strike, the answer is clear: the struggle is the way forward and it is necessary to call for a general strike.


We have already written several times of the international solidarity for the workers of EULEN/ABB in Cordoba, Spain, on strike since November 28, 2011. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about international solidarity actions; these actions keep continuing and of course the support work is Spain goes on as well.

Despite the repression, despite being fired while on strike, the workers continue to struggle. They demand their reinstatement to work, an end to attacks on their right to strike and compensation for the time they worked but were paid according to the wrong collective agreement. The case is currently in court.

The strikers were replaced by workers supplied by Eurocen temp agency, part of the Adecco group. Therefore pickets were held mainly at Adecco, against their role in the conflict, supplying scabs and strikebreaking (in addition to their everyday contribution to the casualization of labor).

The CNT-AIT union in EULEN, Cordoba called for a day of action in the IWA for the 17th of February. Many sections took part, as well as sympathizers from other countries. On that day, pickets and other actions were held, among other places, in Warsaw, Moscow, Berlin, Halle, Amsterdam, Ghent, Caen, Oslo and Hamburg, as well as in different cities in Spain. In Valladolid, about 40 members of the CNT occupied the office of Adecco.


Making it cheaper to dismiss, creating new forms of trash contracts and making it easier for the companies to opt out of collective agreements, make collective redundancies and redundancy procedures, proposes measures to pressure ill workers not to take sick leave patients and creates more subsidies for employers. Beside this, it also promotes new standards to facilitate the dismissal of public sector staff.

After the Decree of 30 December 2011 which approved a drastic cut in public spending, raising income tax, the freezing of public employment ... and the subsequent and embarrassing agreement of CCOO, UGT and the CEOE on January 25, 2012, which established that in the coming years the workers would continue to lose purchasing power and that employers have much more power to change the working conditions of workers at will, we are now suffering this new attack by the government against the rights of workers.

Reform after reform, step by step, slowly but surely, big capital and the puppets who alternate as head of government to defend their interests (Gonzalez, Aznar, Zapatero, Rajoy) are continuing with plans to gradually dismantle the few rights us workers have left.


On the morning of the 4th of Februrary, the CNT Madrid gathered in front of the National Library to again demand the reinstatement of our comrade Marta, Begoña and Sara, dismissed from this institution for reporting the ilegal outsourcing there and to demand the direct and permanent employment of the more than 400 subcontracted workers whose jobs, besides being precarius, cost the National Library over 40% more than they would if they were employed directly.

This Saturday we were not alone in our struggle. We were accompanied by the Yellow Tide, against the cuts and in defense of public libaries, which was called by the Platform against Loan Payments in Libraries. This day of struggle and soldiarity was no surprise for anybody; the cuts and closures of libraries we have been suffering lately is something that we cannot continue to tolerate, The number of people who came to this action is a display of the need to preserve culture which is free for everybody. The Yellow Tide read it's manifesto and embraces the National Library. Although we had decided not to embrace this institution which exploits and dismisses us, we embraced the initiative of the Yellow Tide and all the people that came there to defend the library and show us their solidarity.


Since the beginning of the strike of workers from the ABB factory in Cordoba on Nov. 28, there have been numerous solidarity actions around the world, in front of ABB factories and offices and the offices and headquarters of ADECCO, whose company EUROCEN sent workers in to replace the strikers.

The ZSP protested at both ABB and ADECCO headquarters in Poland and an ADECCO recruitment office and is planning more actions in support.

Last week, the first week of February, numerous actions were held around Europe by our comrades from the IWA.


The CNT of Cordoba has called for a mobilization in solidarity with the strike that the workers from EULEN in ABB have been maintaining for the last two months.

The workers are faced with the maneouvres of these multinationals to do away with the union-organized staff that defended its rights.

After the strike was called by the CNT and CGT, ABB broke its contract with EULEN and used the multinational labour brokers ADECCO to carry out the work of the strikers in a move that they consider to be scabbing.

In the meanwhile, at the end of the year the majority of the strike committee was fired, and some weeks later, all of the strikers.

The strikers have started a legal case. They consider that the right to strike has been violated and they are waiting for the court case on this question on February 6 which will determine the legal possibility of continuing the strike.

The workers have maintained the conflict and continue fighting for their reinstatement. They are organizing a demonstration on the 3rd of February in Cordoba.

They are also calling for mobilizations on February 6th at the headquarters of the multinationals involved: ABB, ADECCO and EULEN.

CNT will also call for nationwide and international mobilizations the 17th of February.


Today, members of Liverpool Solidarity Federation picketed the office of employment agency Adecco in Liverpool City Centre. With the support of members of Occupy Liverpool, we handed out around 400 leaflets to the public during a picket that lasted around two hours.

When we began the picket, the sight of us tying the Liverpool Solfed banner to the railings in front of the entrance immediately drew attention. Two female workers came out to ask what we were doing - initially seeming to think we were a rival recruitment agency! We explained that we were acting in solidarity with the CNT union and Adecco's role in the ABB-EULEN dispute, handing them copies of our leaflet to that effect. After this, they retreated indoors and we had almost no further interaction with staff.


On Thursday 19th January members of Manchester SF travelled to Warrington and organized at protest outside the British head of office of ABB. A letter of protest was handed to ABB from the Solidarity Federation. The letter demanded that all the sacked workers at the ABB factory in Cordoba be immediately reinstated and that ABB enter into talks with striking workers.

On Friday 20th January, Solidarity Federation local groups organized pickets outside Adecco offices in London, Brighton, Bristol and Glasgow.


At last night's National Delegate Council, Solidarity Federation delegates also agreed to endorse the international week of action called by the Ryanair Don't Care Campaign.


ADECCO: Stop Supplying Strikebreakers to Asea Brown Boveri factory in Cordoba, Spain.

Employment agencies have long been criticised for profiting from casualisation, precarious emploment and for creating an increasing insecure job market. However, ADECCO, the largest employment agency in the world, has now taken this to a whole new level. Not content to simply lower wages and job security through inferior short term contracts, ADECCO has now gotten into the business of strikebreaking.

Workers at a Asea Boveri Brown (ABB) factory in Cordoba Spain have been on indefinite strike since 28th November, camped out all day and night in front of the factory. The strike was called in protest at ABB plans to make workers employed by subcontractors EULEN at the factory redundant and replace them with EUROCEN non-union labour with no experience or qualifications. EUROCEN is the logistics division of the ADECCO Group of companies.

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